What better tool to use to emphasize health and wellness than a massage that revitalizes both body and mind.  Delight attendees and staff with the use of massage to release tension and stress. Along with the standard health screening for issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes include information on stress management. The effects of stress can be equal or even greater than the usual issues that are diagnosed during a routine physical screening. Stress is one of  the only health issues that can affect every aspect of an individuals life such as:
  1. Cognitive example memory problems and inability to concentrate
  2. Emotional example moodiness, temper and depression
  3. Behavioral example eating disorders and nervousness
  4. Physical example pains, nausea and constipation 

This is where Massage and Unwind really serves as a great tool to use at your event. Our team of certified, licensed and insured professionals serve as a delight to attendees while bringing out the best in their wellness routine. Not only is massage a quick remedy that  provides relaxation and care for tension and stress, but it also is a great remedy for physical concerns such as sports injuries, recurring aches and pains due to car accidents, headaches and many more.

The health benefits that Massage and Unwind can help to deliver to your attendees are plenty. Make massage a part of your recommended routine to encourage health and wellness for an all-round healthy lifestyle. Turn to us to help you in making your health and wellness event a hit. 


Cheers to thinking outside the box!

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